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Are you one of those people that feel that two people of the opposite sex can’t be “just friends”?  I’ve never believed that.  I’m a woman.  I have a few good guy friends.  I’ll tell you about two of these friendships…

I walked into my Developmental Psychology class a scared 22 year old girl.  Behind the only table with open seats sat a giant of a man.  Surely he was almost 6’6″.  He sat in the seat closest to the wall.  Brown hair, five o’clock shadow.  He was wearing a button-down shirt, khakis, and loafers.  He looked very well put together.  After sitting down and blushing after he said hi, another guy came and sat between us.  The other guy was short, maybe 5’6″, really skinny, and in jeans, t-shirt, and tennis shoes.  The two guys knew each other but hadn’t seen one another in years.  The talked until class began.  I sat there blushing.  I learned that they had served in the army together.  The first guy was married and had a daughter.  The second one was single, no kids.  They decided to get drinks later.

The first one tried getting me involved in the conversation, but I blushed a gave non-committal remarks.  The next evening those two were also in my Community Psychology class.  Because the three of us kind of gravitated towards each other, we became study buddies.  During the first couple of weeks I would mostly blush, but I soon started becoming an active member in conversations.  As the semester continued, the first guy and I became good friends.  The second guy was (and still is) a friend, but he usually didn’t hang out very long after classes to chat.

The next semester the first guy and I had a couple of classes together on the main campus.  We became true study buddies, dividing up the work and quizzing each other until we knew every bit of information.  I met his wife and daughter.  He and I would hang out, go to bars, and enjoy a movie here and there.

When this guy and I met, I could barely talk to people.  Now I can talk to people just fine.  I’ve even managed to sleep with guys and I can even admit that I kinda like girls.  After 8 years of knowing each other, he and I have never slept together or been “more than friends”.  We are the epitomy of “just friends”.

This guy and I had an immediate chemical reaction.  I could’ve orgasamed without him even touching me when we first met if the room hadn’t been filled with coworkers.  It was like fireworks.  Oh. My. Gosh.  We both had that deja vu feeling… like we had met previously.  We were at a training.  We worked for the same agency in cities 3 hrs apart from each other.  Every fiber of my being wanted to rip his clothes off and fuck all night long.  Holy hell it was hot in there!  A coworker even said, “Would you guys like a room?” as we were heading out the door to go back home.  I wanted to say “yes” so very badly.

The next month was the agency conference.  He and I were nearly inseparable.  Our second and final night at the hotel we went out for drinks and pool shooting.  We walked the chilly streets of the city and held hands.  On the way up to his room I could feel my legs trembling.  He stopped me before walking into his room, “I’m not good at this.”  “At what,” I asked.  “I don’t want to hurt you,” he replied.  “You won’t hurt me. I promise.”

Minutes later we’re on the bed.  Clothes couldn’t come off fast enough.  He kissed me and carressed me.  I felt his warm, hairy body all over my warm, smoothe body.  Our arms and legs embraced each other.  I felt like I was making love for the first time in my life.  Perhaps I was.

The morning came after we’d both done the same many times over.  We showered together and then I went to my room to change.  Over the next couple of years we talked a lot and really got to know each other.  We slept together one more time.  After that I got in a relationship that lasted nearly two years.  Over that time this guy and I found out that while we have amazing chemistry, we would make a terrible couple.  We differ in so many ways, and ways that would make a relationship miserable.

Today at lunch/dinner we had a conversation (I live in the same town as him now):

Me: My intern said we should date.  I told her no.
Him: Yeah. I really love you and you’re a great friend, but I don’t think it’d work out.
Me: Me either.  There are certain things that are important to me that you find ridiculous.  And vice versa.  You’re a wonderful guy.  But not my guy.

We laughed and kept eating.  While we didn’t start as “just friends” we certainly are now.