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Ah, the good old Friend With Benefits talk.

I have to say, I do love a good friend with benefits.  After I gave away my v-card to a near stranger, I decided I really should be in a good, solid relationship before having sex again.  That lasted about 2 months.  I then slept with a friend.  And we continued to sleep together without the relationship commitment.  The sex was great and our friendship was better.  After graduating from college (yes, I was well into my college years before having sex) we went our separate ways.  I knew that I wanted a relationship and so I finally got one.  A very long distance one.  I never cheated on him (okay, I did one time as a revenge fuck because he cheated on me – and then I felt terribly guilty).  After he cheated on me for the second time, I dumped his ass.  And so started my FWB saga.

I didn’t jump from bed to bed to bed to bed, but after breaking up I did establish two FWBs.  One was very regular, the other not-so-much.  Both were great sex partners.  The one came over at least once a week.  It was the slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am kind of sex with us.  He arrived, we came, he left.  Sometimes we’d talk. Usually not.  The other was my friend.  He and I hung out, went to bars, etc.  When time allowed, we fucked.  And it was wonderful.

I met my ex and when things looked like they might get serious, I cut the sex with the other two.  He and I dated for nearly two years.  I broke up with him on November 18th.  We hadn’t had sex since August 25th.  I was more than ready for sex, but my emotions couldn’t handle it… until now.  I decided to put myself back out there.  I kinda felt like I had a sign above my head that read “Vagina Available!”

So I met this guy.  We’ll call him Ted.  So Ted and I met online and I won’t tell you what site.  What the hell, maybe I will.  No one knows me here… So, we met on a site called fling (don’t judge).  It’s basically a hookup site.  That’s the whole point.

Ted and I talked for like a whole day and then he came to my place and picked me up.  Everyone at home was awake (I live in someone’s basement because rent in cheap) so we drove to an empty parking lot.  We talked for a little bit while rubbing each other.  Then we took turns giving each other oral.  I gotta tell ya, I missed oral so much…  My ex NEVER gave me oral in all the time we were together.  And he only let me give him oral maybe 5 times or so.

Anyway, since that night we’ve hooked up three times.  Like legit penis in vagina hookups.  He’s turning out to be an actual friend that I also screw.  We both work in human services.  He is on the financial end while I’m on the direct services end… we like to complain about social workers… it’s kinda a joke between us.  We text throughout the day which is nice.  I could see this turning into something more down the road, but for now it’s all good just like it is.

So yeah.  Friends with benefits.  I’m totally all for them when they’re healthy.  Sex is good for the soul.

And yes, we use condoms.