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So the asshole sent me a text, “Merry Christmas”.

I replied (not ver batim because I already deleted the the texts and his number), “My biggest fault is communication.  I’m sorry I acted that way.  A lot of things bothered me on Friday.  Merry Christmas to you too.”  My reasoning for sending this was NOT to hookup again or become chummy friends.  I wanted to give him an explanation as to why I ignored him the next day.  Figured we’d converse and then part ways for like – ever.

His reply (ver batim because I forwarded it to my bff so she and I could be righteously pissed off together), “Nope.  I asked you not talk to me again.  Now please respect that and go away for good you fat sack of ugly shit.”

Yep.  He’s a keeper.  He never asked me to never to talk to him again, but I certainly won’t deny him that.  I graciously bow out and choose not to let that douche bag ruin my day.

(Some) Men are assholes.