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I was reading The Howling Fantogs blog and came across a blog regarding dating a friend’s ex.  Here’s my story about dating my friend’s ex:

I had a friend and she was dating this guy.  She was a virgin at the time.  I wasn’t.  She was pretending to be all holier-than-thou and wanted to “save herself for marriage”.  (Note: I applaud those that truly believe that sex is just between husband and wife.  I had an issue with this friend’s attitude just because I knew that she didn’t genuinely believe that sex was for just marriage.  I’m not expounding on this right now.)  Anyway, these two dated for several months.  After they broke up she told me that he was a terrible kisser and that she would think of her grocery list while they were making out.  Some time later I was in one of my favorite bars.  He was there also.  I got so drunk that night…  I ended up making out with two different guys in that bar.  One was a stranger, one was my friend’s ex.  He was an amazing kisser, in my opinion.

About a month later he invited me to a July 4th party…  There was plenty of alcohol, weed (which I was too timid to smoke at the time), and sex happening.  He and I went back to his place.  Thankfully he had condoms, but I probably would’ve fucked him even if he didn’t.

I never told my friend that I slept with her ex.  And I didn’t feel bad about it either.  Mostly because my friend and I had a falling out regarding hypocrisy.  Apparently I’m hypocritical.  I think everyone is hypocritical.  Everyone does things that they don’t think are right.  Because I embrace the hypocritical side of myself and the hypocrits in my life (including hers), I’m not a good person, blah, blah, blah.  So I fucked her ex and it was amazing.  (I didn’t fuck him because of the friendship issue.)  I fucked him because I liked him and he was funny and handsome and a damn good kisser.  😉

We saw each other for a few months, then he started seeing someone else.  I was still pretty naive at that time. Didn’t realize that we weren’t “dating” but just fucking.  So I was mad and felt cheated on, etc.  But I know in his mind he did no such thing.  We were just on different pages.  No hard feelings (now).  He’s still a good guy and married and all that jazz.

In general, friends’ exes are off limits.  But not always.