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Ha!  I crack myself up sometimes.  I was going to go with the title “Power Outages and the Resulting Sex” or “The Inevitable Sex During a Power Outage” or “The Causality of Babies During Power Outages”.  Electric Sex is way more interesting.  🙂

Anyway, as you’ve guessed, I had sex during a power outage.

I live in a townhouse in this overdeveloped development.  On Sunday night our power went out due to the below freezing temperatures (apparently everyone turned their heat up at the same time and overloaded the electric power system doohickey).  So, I text several people I know in the area hoping and praying that someone would offer me a couch for the night.  Everyone offered me a place to sleep.  I took the offer from my friend, and I’ll call him Harry since he’s a hairy dude.  😉

I got to Harry’s just before 10pm.  He took me up to his room so I could put my stuff down and then showed me around the place.  At this point I wasn’t exactly sure what the sleeping arrangements would be.  I soon found out we’d be sleeping in bed – together.  I was more than okay with that.

We were laying there and he said, “So now we find ourselves in bed together again.  What do we do?  Do we have sex or just pretend that we don’t want to?”  I got ultra-technical because that’s what I do when I don’t want to share what’s really going on inside my brain: “Well, I don’t have a problem with sex.  I think sex is good.  Obviously.  I mean, I can have sex and keep it separate.  You know what I mean?  We can be friends and have sex and not be awkward.  Unless it’d be awkward for you.”  I was really saying, “Stick your dick in me already!”

So we laid there, awake, holding each other.  I have to say, I miss being held.  Harry has such a warm body, too.  His arms wrapped around me… His penis bumping my butt.  That’s the life.

Sometime in the middle of the night he started rubbing me.  As he fingered me he kissed, nibbled, and licked my left ear which sent chills throughout my body.  I turned my head so his lips could meet mine as my body twitched with the most amazing orgasm I’ve had in a long time.

We promptly went back to sleep.

Then at 7am when we needed to get up for work, the real fun began.  He asked the dumbest question: “Should I get a condom?”  YES!  Again, best sex in the longest time.

That night I also needed a place to crash because of the power outage.  I stayed with Harry again.  This time, no sex.  In fact, he purposely put a body pillow between us.  I’m hoping that’s so he can keep me in the friend zone (which I’m fine with) and not cause things to become awkward.

The sex, though, was certainly electric.