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I had an amazing night last night.  In fact, I’d say it was amazeballs.  The night was filled with good food, roller skating/blading, laughter, bitching, reminiscing, and a great game called Cards Against Humanity.

I felt right at home among these people.  Harry introduced us.  He’s an awesome friend.  On the way back to my place he told me, “They’re good people, you’re good people.”

I am periously close to no longer feeling just friendly with Harry.  I don’t want to date him or take anything to the next level.  I want need him to be my friend.  I need him to continue to be my support as I continue to heal from the battle wounds I sustained during my recently ended relationship.  I don’t want him to be my rebound.  Last night though, when he got out of his vehicle to bear-hug me, I really wanted him to kiss me goodnight.

I should get Ted over here to fuck me.  Granted, he can’t get me off, but it’ll help.  Or maybe I’ll spend some quality time with my metalic pink vibrator.

This post was supposed to be all about my newfound, bad-ass friends.  Guess my mind went a different direction…