I haven’t had sex since Tuesday.  Not that Tuesday was all that long ago…  Ted is a nice guy, he just doesn’t know how to fuck.  Or maybe I’m the one with the issue.  I haven’t cum from regular intercourse since the last time I was with my ex (August 25th – not like I keep track or anything).  The only time Ted has gotten me off was when he gave me oral.

So, today I decided that self sex was better than penis sex.  Which is so not true and I don’t really believe that it is.  But this morning it was.  I grabbed my pink, metallic vibrator and enjoyed myself for several minutes.  And because no one is home I let myself vocalize my pleasure which always seems to enhance my self sex experiences.

I’m about 5 days out from starting my period.  So I know my gloomy outlook on life right now is very much related to the fact that I’ll be bleeding soon.  Damn period.  I haven’t cried today and I don’t feel sad.  I just feel blah.  I want to isolate myself and yet I’m very excited about my plans for this afternoon (which may or may not involve hanging out with my ex and his dog).  I miss the dog so much… can’t wait to see him!  I also miss my ex…  And my unreasonableness will probably contribute to unnecessary feelings of attachment or vehement towards him today.

Such is the way of PMS.