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Yep. I am that girl.  I had sex with my ex yesterday.

That wasn’t the plan of course.  In fact I purposefully didn’t bring condoms or wear anything “sexy” to discourage sex from happening.  The problem is that both of us tend to lounge in pjs when we’re not working and we never used condoms when we were together anyway.

It all started with a massage.  My ex has always loved my massages and he had a particularly physical work week.  Lately his work has consisted of low impact activities.  This week they were in attics, and if you know anything about attics you know that they tend to have low ceilings and no flooring.  One must use all his/her muscles to move about attics without falling through the ceiling.  So, my ex was rather sore from not having used most of his muscles lately.

I massaged his shoulders first.  Usually when I would give him massages I’d kiss his back and I so wanted to.  I didn’t though.  I could smell his Old Spice bodywash and really wanted to get a closer sniff or two.  Again, I didn’t.  I restrained myself.  He then wanted his legs massaged.  So he layed down on the bed and I started working on the backs of his legs.  He had to readjust himself and that is when I thought, “I should stop now.”  Yet, I didn’t.  I didn’t want to stop.  He turned over and I massaged the fronts of his legs.  When I had finished he unceremoniously pulled down his shorts and demanded that I suck his dick.  Because I like to be ordered around I complied.  I so love sucking dick.  And his specimen is amazing.  He’s probably the most average guy in the dick category.  But I do love it nonetheless.

He told me, “I’m going to fuck you doggy style.”  I didn’t expect that.  But I quickly took off my pants and underwear and positioned myself on the bed.  As he entered me my body automatically fell into rhythm with him.  The familiarity of his penis was sensational.  He came fairly quickly, but that was to be expected with all of the mouth work I had done.

After we went out to smoke.  (Smoking after sex is like high fiving after your team scores a touchdown.)  He asked, “Was that the first time you’ve been laid since we last had sex?”  I lied, “Yes.  You?”  I’m sure he lied as well when he said yes.  I know he’s been on several dates and that he even spent the night with one of them.  I think neither of us wants to be the first to admit to sexcapades in order to avoid hurting the other’s feelings.

I spent the night, but not next to him.  I took his niece’s room and slept next to the dog.  I slept pretty well with Harley by my side.

My ex is living with his sister and her two kids.  He’s ready to move out because she drives him nuts.  Also, when we split I took my bed with me.  Now he sleeps on an air mattress.  The air mattress we had used when on road trips is kaput.  So he’s using the backup single size mattress.  That’s why I didn’t sleep next to him.  His niece slept with her mom.

As I was getting ready to leave this morning he hugged me.  No kiss though.  I kinda wanted a kiss.  Who wouldn’t?

So yeah.  I’m that girl that had sex with her ex.  Probably not the smartest move, but it sure felt great.