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I’m not PMS-ing or on my period.  All that is behind me.  But I have been a hell of a mess this week.  And now I can feel myself getting sick.  (Thanks, Harry.)

I was told less than two weeks ago that I had to move.  I did not get evicted.  I did nothing wrong.  My roommate was the one who had the lease.  I just rented the lower level of the townhouse.  She decided she could no longer afford the place (I feel like I’ve told this story before – I apologize if I have) and told the landlord to find someone to take over the lease. He came back and said he’d have someone moving in on the 1st of February.  What?!?  And then she says, “You need to have all of your stuff out by Thursday night.” Excuse me?!  And where should I store my stuff until Saturday when I can move into the apartment I thankfully found?

Life feels like it’s taking a shit and I cannot be having that!  Dumped my boyfriend in November.  Moved into that damn townhouse.  Had a couple of bad dates and have since not really wanted dates.  Found myself a FWB, but the sex isn’t good. Hung out with my ex and had sex with him (oops).  Got kicked out of the townhouse.  My tax return is screwing me over.  My ex has a date tonight (yes, I’m jealous).  I’m relying on others to house me and store my stuff.  Everything is so up in the air.

I didn’t know if I’d make it til payday this time either.  The water/sewer deposit was $86.50.  The electric deposit was $54.  I have to put 1st month’s rent and 1/2 the deposit down today for my lease and the rest of what I owe on the 15th.  I work for a nonprofit!  I have no extra money just laying around!!  UGH!  I won’t be able to afford internet.

My thoughts are all jumbled (obviously).  My whole point is this: I have been an emotional wreck this week.  I’ve been crying for no real reason.  I’ve been snippy and then immediately apologetic.  I say my thanks to people while being all choked up.

And now my head is pounding, my throat is scratchy, I’m sneezy, and I’m exhausted.  Definitely getting sick.  :-\