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I have to say, I love having a regular FWB.  And, I would like to apologize about the comment that said some craziness that the sex was bad.  It isn’t “bad”.  I – me, myself – have a problem getting off.  You see, prior to dating my ex, getting off with “normal” sex was uncommon for me.  While my ex and I were together, I got off nearly every time we had sex with little to no foreplay, no oral, no wandering fingers, etc.  I’m not sure what was so different about him.  Anyway, I’m apparently back to my your-gonna-have-to-work-to-make-me-cum ways.

Yesterday was f’ing amazeballs.  Ted showed up at my apartment with no warning that he’d arrived.  I had *just* finished eating dinner and was on the phone with Remington (btw, that’s not gonna work – he’s rather arrogant and selfish).  I tried to interrupt Remington to inform him I needed to go.  Instead I just hung up on him since I couldn’t get his attention.  Before I hung up, Ted was pushing me towards the bedroom, his hands on my breasts and going down my pants.  I left my phone in the kitchen and eagerly met his lips with mine.

Once in the bedroom he pushed me down onto the bed and quickly pulled off my pants and underwear.  And then he promptly started licking me…………. Mmmmmmmmmmmm………….  I’m melting now just thinking about his tongue and fingers doing their magic.

It took me (probably) longer than most women, but I did orgasm… He continued to play with me though.  I actually had to tell him to stop because it was too much to handle…

After catching my breath I returned the favor.  He really does have a good looking dick.  Thick, longer than average.  And he has big balls, too…  I loved sucking and licking and stroking him.

So while I have my own issues with getting off, I certainly love sex – every form of it, too!  And, I love that I have a fwb who likes to come back to me time and time again – makes me confident in my abilities.

Too bad he can’t come over everyday.