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I’m going to title this blog after I’ve written it.  Generally I can come up with some kind of something right off the bat.

At this moment I am sitting in my parents’ living, on their burgandy leather L-shape couch.

I had a really long work week.  On Monday I dogsat my ex’s dog.  And on Tuesday I got new tires about halfway through my workday.  That night I went to my ex’s to help him move into his new place.  I stayed the night.  His couch is super uncomfortable.  On my way home from my ex’s my tires felt like they were all flat.  I stopped to check.  They were not flat.  Everything was thumping and shaking and I was so scared.  I took the car back to the tire place.  Apparently they did something or other wrong with the lugnuts and need to replace my one tire rim.  I’m really glad the mistake was theirs.  Both Wednesday and Thursday were 11 hr workdays.  And Friday was 10 hours.  I worked about 46 hrs this week (Moday was a paid holiday).

And then Remington kept texting me, asking me if I still wanted to meet (blah, blah).  Too bad I deleted the texts.  I had complained about my back hurting and he said something like, “I could rub something else and make you completely forget about your back.”  I rolled my eyes.  He then asked if we could do dinner or something.  I said, “Not if you’re just trying to get in my pants.”  His reply: “I want in your shirt too.”  Seriously.  No, I have better fucking things to do than go get a free meal with a douchebag.  Like eat at home alone.  (Although a free meal would be nice.)

Ted came over on Friday.  I think that was the best sex we’ve had together.  I actually came with legit sex.  I haven’t done that in 6 months.  Very, very nice.  🙂  I was wearing my fishnet dress thingy… he seemed to really enjoy the getup.

Harry and I went to a home buyer’s class yesterday morning.  We’re both contemplating entering the home owner’s world.  And because our jobs pay us so much (note sarcasm) we actually qualify for some kind of assistance program(s).  Side note: Harry and I both work in the same field.  We do not work for the same agency though.  I was super glad to have an established friend in this area of our state when my ex and I moved out here, especially afer I dumped said ex.  Harry has been a wonderful friend to me over the last few months.

Anyway, the home buyer’s instructor held the same degree as Harry and me.  She was divulging her life story throughout the class (her son’s abusive wife, her other son’s babies, her husband’s smoking and weight problems, etc.).  Harry and I asked her if we could power through the lunch break and just get everything done as soon as possible.  We were out of there just before 1pm.  I think the class was supposed to go til 3pm.  But hey, we’ve got certificates that say we completed the course and we have a book that we can make copies of and utilize.

Also, yesterday I realized my bank account had been thoroughly depleted.  Damn fucking checks screwed me up (why can’t ppl deposit checks right away?).  So, I got my dad’s debit card out of my wallet (my dad worries about me and gave me a card some time ago), filled up my very empty tank, and then headed home.  Earlier in the week my dad asked if I was coming to my mom’s birthday party.  I told him I had other plans and wasn’t invited.  Seriously?  Who doesn’t get invited to their own mother’s birthday party?  **sigh**  Am I a terrible person for making the 3 1/2 hr trip just so I could get gas in my tank?  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a good time so far… but my initial intention was to just get free gas (I’m so broke right now).

So today we’ll go to church and probably out somewhere to lunch.  Then I’ll head home early this afternoon.

I apologize for neglecting this blog.  I will try to do some blogging before heading home from work at some point this week.