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This is in response to this week’s DPchallenge.


I chose to name myself Gizah on here.  While feeding my nerd-self, I perused BabyNames.com for ideas of a creative, strong-sounding name to give one of my characters.  I’m not super creative with compiling fantasy-type names.  Anyway, I must’ve done some kind of search and found “Gizeh“.  I like “Gizah” better because it’s girly-er looking.  🙂  Gizeh means “hewn stone”.  That sounded nice to me.  Hewn is the past tense of hew which means cut or shaped.  I relate to the meaning.

Stone can be shaped by tools.  I have been shaped by people and ideals throughout my life.

The name is simple, beautiful, and full of meaning.