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I don’t think I’ve felt this lonely in ages.  I’m not feeling desperation for a dating relationship.  I’m not even feeling desperation for any kind of friendship with anyone.  I just have this deep loneliness that has settled in my heart, making everyday life difficult (really, it’s only been a couple of days, but I feel like time is broken somehow).  Where did all my friends go?  Harry, why are you avoiding me?!  *sigh*

I’m alone at work right now.  I don’t mind being alone.  I mind that I feel unable to express myself, face-to-face, with another human being.

I was able to talk with my bestie  a bit last night.  She’s in the hospital right now though (she’s having some pregnancy complications – and she lives a 13 hour drive from me).  She validated only some of my feelings.  And I couldn’t bring myself to utter my heart’s true sadness.  She doesn’t see this – thing – in the same light as I do.  She validates that I feel sad.  But she also says I’m better off.  How is that?

I’m lonely in that not one person seems to appreciate where I’m coming from.  Even if you don’t understand everything from my perspective, will you please listen and try to empathize?