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I’ve been talking to a guy on OKC for about a week now. We’ll call him Fred. We’re only a 59% match according to the site, but from what I’ve gathered, that site has zero insight into who would be a good match considering that most of the guys with 75% or higher match rate have completely different long term goals (kids, being the critical match point).

Anyway, Fred is someone my parents would completely dislike. Therefore, he’s probably a good match. Ha! Really though, he’s black, he’s 35, he has a teenage daughter, he’s working class, and doesn’t have a college education (I just made the education part up – I have no idea what his academics entail). All of those things add up to very disappointed and disapproving parental reviews.

Maybe, for my future someone’s sake, I should really warn them about the awkward kindness my parents will show him and the resulting hatefulness they’ll show me once he’s not around.

“Gizah, did you know he’s black?”
“Why yes, Dad, I did notice.”
“Gizah, that Fred dosen’t have a steady job.”
“He’s had the same job for 13 years. I’d call that steady.”
“You’ll never have anything nice.”
“Holy crap! What?! Oh wait, I’ve never had anything nice anyway. Doesn’t matter.”
“Do you know what people will think of us?!”
“I don’t know. That maybe your daughter is happy?”

Yup. That would be the rough conversation that would happen IF this guy and I were to get serious.

I’m getting ahead of myself though. We haven’t even had a first date.