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Oh my, my.

Yesterday I posted a full-body selfie on Facebook.  I haven’t done so in a while because, let’s face it, when I get depressed, I gain weight.  So, I’ve lost **almost** all that I gained from August through beginning of January.  Anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many “likes” on a fb pic before… and then I had a few comments:

My dad’s sister: Looking great!
My mom’s mom: Feeling good–looking good! Hope to see you in a couple weeks!
My sister: And even with flip flops!  🙂
Jimmy: Looking fine! I would totally hit that! lol… Miss ya Gizah!
Me: Oh Jimmy… lol.  Smh.  Thanks everyone!
Jimmy: I’m serious Gizah. You are looking really good! So how have you been these days? Where are ya living?
BFF: Looking great! I love that shirt, btw.

At this point I just decided to text Jimmy.  I haven’t talked to him in a couple of years…

Me: You would post that comment on my page.  Lol.  Where everyone (including my gma) can see.  LOL!!
Me: Of course my gma probably has no idea what that means.  😛
Jimmy: I hope that I don’t get you in any kind of trouble!  I never thought of that.  😦
Me: Nah, it’s all good.  Lol.  I live in Ghetto Town on the other side of the state.

Then Jimmy and I talked about our respective love lives or lack thereof… and respective social/work lives…  I had apologized for using a bunch of profanity in one text (he knew me before I turned into a sailor).

Jimmy: No, dammit, you need to swear!  Lol
Me: Fuck!!
Jimmy: Lol! Exactly what I wish to be doing right now!  Lol
Me: Who wouldn’t want to be doing that? Lol

I was thinking to myself at this point that I tend to attract the most sexually inclined guys…  Like, why do my conversations ALWAYS turn to sex?  Am I just that sexual? Am I a complete slut through and through?  The thing is, I love sex.  I love sex so much and I get so, very little.  I’ve thought about seeking out a new FWB (or perhaps an additional one), but I don’t want to be *that* woman – the one who sleeps with any man that walks by.  I’m not like that anymore.  I like to be a one-man woman, even when I’m not in a relationship.  And I don’t want to bounce from one hard dick to another.

So yeah, Jimmy would totally hit that…  And I really appreciate the compliment (seriously blushed when I read that comment).  And while I really, really, really want more frequent sexy time, I will stick with my vibrating friends and home that Ted can come over soon.


On another note, I met with the lady that was my Pure Romance consultant at the last party I attended.  Ladies and gentlemen, I am going to be a Pure Romance consultant, too!  I’m soooo excited!!  😀

More info will be coming soon.  😉