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Him: Hey there beautiful how are you?

Me: I’m doing alright.  How are you? 🙂

Him: Good sexy I love your lips and eyes we should text 😉 

Me: As much as I love the compliments, I’m gonna have to decline…
You may or may not care why, but here are my thoughts: a guy calls me beautiful, that’s really sweet. A guy calls me sexy two seconds later wanting to chat? Hmmm.. what are the motives? **sigh** I’m about to give the heck up on dating altogether… Where are the guys who want to get to know a lady before jumping into sexting? I know I may be compeletely misreading/misinterpreting, but I’ve been down this road before…
And if I have misread/misinterpreted, I deeply apologize and will continue to decline out of pure embarassment.
Happy hunting. 


I’m in some kind of funky mood…  Ha.