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Conversation with Harry yesterday…

Harry: I think I went on a date today, but I’m not sure.
Me: Oh yeah?  Usually you can tell. 
Harry: Well, it’s Ally from the therapy place.  Have you met her?
Me: No, I don’t think so, but the name is familiar.
Harry: Well, she had facebook friended me and I ignored it.  I explained to her that I’m selective.
Me: Oh geez.
Harry: And then we were talking last week when I was dropping off a kid.  I decided that she’s okay people so I friend requested her.  She text me like 30 seconds later saying that she was so excited to be facebook friend worthy.
Me: You totally went on a date.
Harry: So today I dropped off a kid for a visit and she asked if I had lunch plans.
Me: May have been just friends if she asked.  Did you pay?
Harry: Well yeah.
Me: Definitely a date then.

As we continued to talk we made dinner plans.  I asked if he was paying.  He said he would.  “You’re taking me on a date?!  Hot damn you’re on fire!”  We laughed and met up for pizza.  He was paying as a congratulations to me for getting a better paying job (what?!?!).  Hanging out with Harry is therapy for my soul.  Good times.  I wished him luck on his new adventure in the dating world.  He’s a good guy.  Now he just needs to get out of his own way and not self-sabotage.

In other news, Randy thinks that I am super hot because I can make myself squirt.  I told him I’d teach him the technique.  He’s an eager student.  😉