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I had an eye exam this morning.  First of all, I am NEVER using that optometrist ever again.  They were rude.

So, I’m about ready to leave the office and one of the clerks comes up behind me and whispers, “I think you have some blood on your pants.”  “Nice,” I said.  The lady gave me this raised-eyebrows-pursed-lips look.  Like I’m supposed to do something about it right this second?  I’m paying you damn people.  Geez.

So, I go out to the car, run a hand across my butt and feel that slippery wetness that indicates my tampon and panty liner have failed.  This is why I don’t do tampons anymore.  (What do you mean?!)


I use a Fleurcup.  Yes, a Fleurcup.  About 4 years ago I made the switch.  I have not had a bloody episode since the last time I used a tampon (about 4 years ago).  The reason I did not have said Fleurcup in this morning is because I’m lazy.  I was out of town over the weekend and my suitcase is still in my car.  The weather has been terrible and I didn’t want to lug it up the stairs in the rain.  My Fleurcup was in the suitcase.

So, my laziness led me to an embarrassing situation.  Oh well.  Now I have my Fleurcup in and life is good again.  Ha.