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I squirt.  In the past I have had that tsunami leave my (or a hotel’s or guy’s) bed drenching for several hours.  More recently I discovered my ability to make myself squirt.  I was at a Pure Romance party and the consultant said something about keeping pressure on the magic button.  And so I promptly made my way to my bathtub the following day, found my “magic button” and proceeded to put consistent pressure on my g-spot.  I don’t just squirt.  I gush.  Ha!  I was telling Randy about my new-found gushing ability and he nearly instantly wanted a demonstration.  I obliged.  He’s obsessed.

Note: I started this blog yesterday, however, my computer was being very uncooperative.  😐  So, I’m wrapping up today.  Ooohh well.

I started a new job.  (What?!) Yup.  I’m now a state social worker.  Therefore, I make about $8,000 more than I did at my previous job.  I’m so new that I won’t be getting a paycheck for a while.  But, I have big plans for my better paychecks!  Internet? Cable (maybe)? Car fixed?  Ahhh, I’m so excited!  😀