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I went on a first date on July 2nd.

Anyway, our first date was dinner and karaoke.  For those who know me, I don’t do karaoke.  While sitting there chatting he leaned over as I sang along to one of the songs.  He said, “But, you can sing!”  I said, “I never said I couldn’t sing.  I said I wouldn’t.”  Then I smiled.

Over the last 2 1/2 weeks we’ve seen each other several times.  Yes, that translates to ‘I’m sleeping with this guy.’  We have not defined what we are.  I tried to lightly broach the relationship talk last night and failed spectacularly.  We were laying in my bed.  I had just had a magnificent orgasm via fingering (he has magic hands).  I entwined my hand in his and asked, “What are we doing here?”  He replied, “Resting.”  Then he started talking about something else.

I’m okay with keeping things as they are for now, but I do have some deal breakers when it comes to relationships and I do want a relationship, not just a fuck buddy.  I’m tired of fuck buddies.  Really, I only have one big requirement: he must want babies.  Two would be preferable.  I would be thrilled to have one child though.

I’m in major baby blues mode right now.  So many friends are pregnant or have just had babies.  A friend is out of town with his son’s hockey team. Last night I told him that I envy him sometimes because he’s a parent.  He said he has no free time.  I would trade all my free time for a child.  True story.

My ex says not to push the relationship talk.  I have no intention of doing so.  I’m not even sure if this guy and I are compatible outside of the bedroom.  Time will tell.

Let’s call the guy… (hmmm) …Michael.  A nice common name, one that is often heard…

Anyway, I’m not sure when Michael and I are getting together next.  I made badass fajitas last night for dinner.  They were amazeballs and Michael loved them.  I might have to go get more fajita making stuff for tonight.  They were so good!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!  🙂