Sometimes I feel like introducing a potential fwb/bf on here is done prematurely.  Fabian is one such guy…  You see, last Friday, he decided to show his crazy card.  And this is what I have learned:

1. I am a thug – or at least carry myself as such.
2. I am not classy.

There are other things Fabian said that were even more tasteless that I won’t repeat because of the offensiveness.  I want to ensure you understand that these are HIS opinions and not mine.  Smh.


I’m glad that I know this is his craziness speaking and that I can see through his bs.  Lol.  If he had made any sense in what he was saying, he may have hurt my feelings.  But his insults and general meanness regarding some individuals were so terrible, that I couldn’t believe a word he said…

Some people’s kids.