For about two weeks I’ve been living in bliss, temporary bliss really.  I had never been on MeetMe (and I don’t really like the site) and this was the second guy to message me, but the first to say “hi” rather than “nice tits” (even though neither pic really shows my boobies).  By the time we decided to meet, 9PM had rolled around.  He wanted to go out for ice cream.  He’s a newbie to the area, so I steered him to the closest DQ.  We had a wonderful time talking.  The unfortunate news is that he is only passing through.  He’s a contractor, a welder.  They build storage things (I stopped listening at some point and only remember part of the conversation).

This guy is f*cking H-O-T!!  He has small gauges and hoops in his ears.  He has multiple tattoos.  His nipples are pierced.  AND his dick is pierced.  Oh. My. Gosh.  Like, effing amazeballs.

Anyway, after DQ we went back to his place (he’s staying in a hotel since they’re only going to be here for another couple weeks)… he asked what I was thinking.  “I want you tangle your fingers in my hair, kiss me roughly, and grabbed my boobs,” is what I thought.  “I don’t know,” is what I said.  I was blushing so hard!  He gently turned my head and brushed my lips with his, which then turned into a deeper kiss.  “Is that what you were thinking,” he asked.  “Yes,” I breathed.

The next night and nearly every night since then I’ve gone to his place.  We cuddle all night long.  Like legit spooning the entire night.  I’ve never done with that anyone.  Ever.

Sigh.  I really wish this kind bad boy were a permanent fixture in the area.  He’s from the South… Oh my goodness that accent.  And his ass is so nice!

I was supposed to go over tonight, but he had to stay at the work site because someone tried to break in.  Like wth ppl!  He’s a drop-dead gorgeous guy who loves all my curves (EVEN THE EXTRA ONES) and you have to go ruining my cuddle time because you want — what do you want exactly?  Big rigs? Welders? Steel?  Ugh.  I’m mad at whoever you are for taking my bliss away for tonight.

Those lips of his are so soft, perfectly shaped for mine.

I think I need to consider cowboys as a good match for me…

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow night.  For the kiss on my temple.  For the cupping of my breasts in his capable hands.  For his boner bumping my ass in the middle of the night.  For the way his leg wraps around mine.