I’m throwing a dinner party tonight and I’m so nervous.  I’ve only had two people RSVP which is lame enough and one of those is very unreliable.  **sigh**  I guess my roomy will be there.  And the one reliable person.  And maybe my unreliable friend.  I invited my one brother but he has an Army thing.  I wish I knew more people around here.

I asked a guy over, but he has to work.  There’s a different guy that would absolutely come, but I’m not into him – at all.  Ugh.  Don’t you hate that?!  He’s a perfectly nice guy, but I have no chemistry with him.  I think if our cultures weren’t so vastly different we may have clicked better; well, I think he thinks we’ve clicked… Poor guy.

Anyway, as soon as I’m done watching Something Borrowed I’ll be making my alcoholic pie (I should do a step-by-step blog with pictures) and birthday cake.  Then I’ll be cleaning the whole place… and then start cooking dinner.  🙂  I’m excited and nervous.