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I (think I) have learned my lesson about just randomly trying for a baby.  The likelihood of getting pregnant was so slim that I shouldn’t have even hoped… yet, I did and was incredibly disappointed when I had no reason to take the pregnancy test I had purchased.

So.  I’m moving on.  He and I can’t shouldn’t do that again.

I need to wait.  I need to do the whole baby thing in the right way.  Like, I really don’t care if I’m married.  But, I do want to be in a stable relationship.  I need that support!

Reality is, my family wouldn’t’ve supported me, especially not when I’m 100% single.  And I have few friends.  I mean that’s fine, but what about child care and help with getting baby things and transportation to/from the hospital for the birth?!  Oh my gosh!  Ridiculous!

Moving on… where’s my tatted-up-bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold?!  🙂