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I very rarely get full-blown drunk.  Last night I went to a friend’s house (thankfully my roomy tagged along) and got plastered on those Bud Light Lime Raz-ber-Rita things.  I had 7 of them… I questioned whether or not I should’ve had the last one, but I was certain that I shouldn’t have another.  I did not get sick and I don’t have a hangover… I’m just still drunk.  Haha.

We had SOOOO much fun last night!  Of course, any night that involves Cards Against Humanity is good night!  I also experienced playing beer pong for the first time.  Does not surprise me that I suck at playing beer pong.  :-p

I’m hungry.  I think I might make pizza.  I need to sleep more.

Good night/day readers.  🙂