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I have been chatting with four guys over the last week or so.  Chatting does not mean that I’m a player.  Chatting means that I’m keeping my options open until I figure out which person, if any, would be the best guy for me to allow to pursue me (see what I did there?  Lol).  Anyway, I have only been excited about one of these guys and we met yesterday.

This morning I let the other three know that I have met someone and that I wish them well in their continued searches.

Guy #1: Cool.  Good luck!

Guy #2: Awesome!  Thanks for letting me know.

Guy #3: Why who is this
Me: A guy that will likely be my bf really soon (I thought he was asking about who the guy was.  My bad.).  These things can’t be helped sometimes.
Guy #3: Idk who you are.
Me: Oh.  You delete my number?  Lol.  You just text me the other day.  This is Gizah.
Guy #3: Well you stopped talking to me and responded what you expect me to think or do
Guy #3: But good luck happy birthday to me and sorry im.not the one that meant to be with you
Me: I’m sorry dude.  I’m being honest.
Guy #3: I’m sorry too

Okay, first of all, dude, please learn some basic grammar and punctuation skills. Secondly, reacting like this will give you zero more chances with me should this current endeavor fall through.  Thanks for understanding.  Geez!!