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In yesterday’s post I worried about how Jerry would react when I disclosed that I’m living with my ex.  Here’s how yesterday evening went:

I got home just before 5pm.  I took a quick shower and then Jerry came over. Harley (dog – yes, that’s his real name.  Lots of people have dogs named Harley) was in his kennel and I wasn’t sure why.  I knocked on my ex’s/roomy’s door (I could’ve sworn that I had given my ex/roomy a name on here, but I just browsed my blogs and can’t find one… therefore, he is dubbed Marshall) to ask if he was planning to let Harley out.  He not-so-nicely said something to the effect of, “Fuck off.  I’ll get him out when I’m ready to.”

I went to sit back down next to Jerry and Jerry said, “I don’t like your roommate.  If he keeps talking to you like that we’re going to have words.”  Unfortunately, every time Jerry has come over, Marshall has been his I’m-fucking-pissed-off-at-the-world self.  **rolls eyes**  I assured Jerry that Marshall will eventually show his good side.  I then casually said, “he and I used to date.  It didn’t work out.  We realized that we’re much better at being friends than anything else.”  I shrugged and he said, “I can understand that.”

And that was that.  No further conversation about mine and Marshall’s previous relationship.  Whew!

Thankfully Marshall emerged from his room and was being a normal human being for awhile.  Jerry then said that he’s changed his mind and now understands Marshall better and thinks he’s an “okay dude.”  He may have said guy instead of dude…  Idk.  Idc.  Lol.