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One of my all time favorite Christmas movies is A Charlie Brown Christmas.  I was looking for a new facebook cover photo (ha, because that’s how busy I am at work right now) when I came across the picture above in the Google search.

Yesterday I was really not happy.  I was crying and napping and watching TV and binge eating on holiday cookies… not good.  I even ignored a call from my bestie, which I never do (sorry!!)…  Why was I in such a state?

Well, Jerry canceled our Saturday date because money is tight (I get that), but then he went to a movie with his uncle when he could’ve gone to a party with me… and I’m 99.7% certain that his uncle probably asked last minute for him to go to a movie and that this uncle probably paid for the tickets. Regardless, when Jerry told me that he was sorry, the words felt slightly hollow considering he made other plans that included going out with someone. I was perfectly happy to wait until next payday to have an official date.  But then he went out anyway.


And then he didn’t talk to me for the better part of two days.  I mean, he messaged me some, but just barely.  I felt like I’d done something wrong.

So Marshall got home from his weekend at his gf’s.  Harley didn’t even say hi to me when he walked inside.  He just looked really sad and sulked away.  Like wtf?  I asked Marshall if Harley was in trouble for something and he said, no, that Harley just didn’t want to leave the gf’s because he loves it there.  And that sent me over the edge.  Harley is mine!  (Or so I deeply feel that he is.)  I mean, it was hours before Harley even acknowledged my presence!  Usually he’s incredibly happy to see me.

Anyway, after the news about Harley liking Marshall’s gf’s place more than me, I started crying.  And Marshall, being the good friend that he is, helped me work out my feelings and gave me some good advice about how to view the Jerry situation.

And Marshall’s ability to understand me and talk to me and help me is why we’re still such good friends.