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I don’t understand Marshall and his girlfriend.  Rather, I don’t understand Marshall in regards to his girlfriend.  The differences I see in the way he goes about this relationship versus the way he went about ours is astronomically different.

  1. Pictures: He never rarely let me take pictures of him and he never very, very rarely let me post pictures of him on facebook and never very, very, very rarely let me tag him in any pictures.  The new girlfriend has posted several pictures, in which he is tagged.
  2. Clothing: I once tried to buy him a new shirt and he told me I was stupid and should take it back because he’d never wear it even if I did think that he’d look good in it.  There’s a ridiculous picture on facebook of Marshall in a Christmas sweater (of all things) with his girlfriend’s family.
  3. Sex: Marshall always told me that he liked sex with me just fine, but we rarely had sex.  Maybe once every 3 – 4 weeks or so… less towards the end.  He’s told me about not being able to stay hard for exes or not being able to get off… he said having someone that can keep him hard through the duration was good… and yet, I felt like I had to beg him to sleep with me and that just took all of the romance and fun and intimacy out of sex… Marshall’s girlfriend gets sex whenever she wants.  AND Marshall complains about not getting laid often enough.  AND he’s complained that she can’t get him off every time because “she’s a little loose from having her kid”.

I’m not sure what is going on.  Maybe he feels like he can be a better man with her. And good for fucking her if she can bring that out in him.  He really is a good guy… Sigh.  The adult in me wants to think all of that – that this woman is good for him and that with her he’ll really give a damn.  The ex-gf in me wants to throw a tantrum and demand an explanation as to why he can be so good with her and why he couldn’t’ve treated me the same.  If he had, we would’ve gotten married this past July.  Instead I’m waiting, waiting, waiting… forever waiting.

It’ll be okay, Gizah.  Somewhere out there is a guy that will love you for everything you’re worth and more. <– Self pep talk.

P.S. There’s so much more to this that just the way he is with her… I’m really not sure what hold she has over him.  I really think that he’s with her because of her child.  He has two kids and hasn’t been able to see them in ages and I think that being around kids is healing for him.  Also, she’s a crazy bitch.  She’s done some pretty weird things.  Not sure why he wants that mess… Whatever.