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I was not blessed with amazing sinus cavities.  I know I have talked about my ear problems in past blogs; and so they continue.  My current issue is more like general sinus issues.

  • Pressure headache
  • Scratchy throat
  • Thick snot
  • Post-nasal drip
  • Left ear pain/diminished hearing in left ear
  • Left tonsil pain
  • Jaw pain (yes, this is a symptom of sinus issues, not just the result of giving bjs. Considering I haven’t given a bj in well over a month, I can say with confidence that bjs are not the cause of the jaw pain.  Besides, I’ve never had long-lasting pain from giving a bj before.  I need laid.  Apparently.  Ha.)

The struggle is real, folks.  This is not one of my famous “I’ve got fluid behind my eardrum that’s stuck and need to have it sucked out ASAP” moments.  This is a “I really hope this doesn’t turn into a full-blown sinus infection” moment and a “please, please, please don’t turn into an ear infection” moment and a “why does this have to happen right before NYE?!?!?!” moment  (I mean, for shizzle yo.  I have plans for tomorrow night and I do not want them thwarted by my sinuses! Not like I have anyone to kiss at midnight, but you just never know).  I’m surprised that I don’t feel any swollen glands.  And I can tell I’m hearing far worse in my left ear because when I have my left ear phone in, the volume on Pandora needs to be about halfway up, whereas when I switched to my right ear (because the music was hurting my ear – not because the music is bad, but because the vibrations on my eardrum was legit painful) I had to turn the volume waaaay down.

I’m not sure why my sinuses are hating my left side.  I feel the need to nap. But that might be from this amazing lunch I just had.

Also, my nose was kinda bleeding earlier, but that’s not unusual.  I have frequent nosebleeds (I have a membrane that needs cauterized – aka, burned). After today I’m off for 7 days in a row.  I guess if I’m gonna be sick, I might as well be while I’m already off of work.  I don’t have any plans for my days off other than my NYE.