So I decided to get back on OkCupid because — I must like punishment or something.  Yesterday I talked with this guy who was super judgy.  He broke up with his last gf of 6 months because she had disclosed the number of guys she had been with and he was turned off.  She trusted him with that super personal info and was dropped like a hot potato.  Like, her past is the past.  That doesn’t define who she is today.  People who look down on others for PAST behavior – I CAN’T!  If you don’t want to be with me because I’m currently making poor life choices, fine. That’s legit.  I completely understand that my behaviors inhibit my potential for finding, well, a healthy, loving relationship.  That’s on me.  But when you’re hating on someone based on something that happened before you met each other, that’s a dick move.  Grow up.  #ICANT!