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Last week I decided that I should really pay for a dating website to help weed out the crazies.  Well, Oedipus was the first to message me on the paid site (Match).

Oedipus: Do you know what an Oedipus Complex is?
Me (I have my BS in Psych, an MSW, and I just know shit): Yes.  A sexual attraction to you mother.
Oedipus: Yep.  I’m looking for a girl who’s okay with my Oedipus Complex.
Me: Well, I’m not your girl.  I’m a social worker and all for individuality and all that jazz, but that’s just wrong.
Oedipus: Darn.
Me: Incest is definitely an unhealthy relationship.  I’m not going to encourage such fantasies.  Sorry.  Good luck!

Like seriously, yo.  Ugh.

Then I was talking with … Ethan… we were chatting for awhile, then exchanged phone numbers.  Yesterday at work:

Me: So… what else would you like to know about me?
Ethan: Just your darkest secrets.
Me: I hate, and I mean HATE, spiders.  I love skinny dipping.  I practice conversations before having them and go thru multiple scenarios.  I truly wish the wizarding world of Harry Potter were real.  I only drink diet pop because I think it tastes better.  I fully support the legalization of marijuana.  Those are more random facts than dark secrets.

Then we had a convo about our respective drug usage, or lack thereof.

Me: How about you give me some random facts about yourself?
Ethan: That is hard for me to divulge unless I am having a face to face conversation with you.
Me: That’s why I didn’t give you any “dark secrets”.
Ethan: You should meet me for coffee in an hour and tell me your dark secrets in person.

So a few hours later we met up at Starbucks.  And we talked about normal life things… then we both divulged our respective dark secrets, which really happened to just be one for each of us which encompasses all of the dark secrets…

We are, in fact, both sex addicts.  He said that he thought so as soon as he saw my pictures.  I didn’t think that my pictures gave away anything other than me having curves in all the right and wrong places.  They aren’t at all sexually flattering.  But, I think like-minded people are naturally drawn to each other.

Now, his latest ex turned lesbian, so not sure what that means, if anything.

Ethan seems like a guy that can be in a committed relationship and have his needs/wants fulfilled within that relationship.

I may have met my future boyfriend.


P.S. I’m planning on getting my nose pierced in the very near future.  I just want a teeny tiny sparkle.  😀