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This past Monday I had to work about an hour over my normal works.  No big deal, right? WRONG!!  But that’s a whole nother story.

Anyway, between traffic (the difference in traffic at 4:30 vs 5:30 PM is ridiculous) and well, traffic was my only real obstacle, I got home at 6:01 PM.  I knew my guy (still working on a name) was showing up shortly to pick me up for our date.  I ran inside, changed my panties (I wanted to be fresh), threw on a dress, and slipped on flip flops — keepin’ it classy!  He showed up at 6:05 and I walked out the door to meet him at his car less than 20 seconds later.  That was the fastest wardrobe change ever!

Anyway, I was feeling sexy…

We went to a Mexican place just down the road from me… I will forever love Mexican food!  Then, we went to the cheap theater to watch The Revenant starring Leo DiCaprio.  The movie was — different.

Anyway, the dress I was wearing had an amazing, just-above-the-knee slit on one side.  When I sit, the slit hits mid-thigh.  My guy was sitting on the slit side.

I generally freeze when in theaters, so I brought in my fleece jacket to drape on my lap.  And drape I did.  My guy, however, wanted access to my leg.  He flipped my jacket off my lap and stuck his hand between my legs.  Not at my vagina, but just between my thighs.  He likes my thighs.  Then he slid his hand up… like to my vagina.  He started fingering me and I started squirming.  I squeezed his leg, ran my hand through his hair, thrust myself into his hand.

Abruptly he stopped.  He said I was wiggling too much.  Haha!

Anyway, the movie finally ended and he took me home.  I asked if he was going to stay a while.  He looked at his watch and I said, “dude, you need to finish what you started.”  He wrapped me in his arms and kissed me deeply.  He took off the shrug I was wearing and tried to slip the straps down my shoulders.  I told him that wouldn’t work so he started lifting the dress up.

I reminded my guy that the blinds (to the balcony) were open.  He asked if I cared.  I said no, but that the neighbors might.  He walked me backwards into the hallway, spun me around and lifted my dress over my head.

I was wearing a hot pink bra and black lacy thong.  He made a guttural sound, slid his arms around my waist, and lightly bit my right shoulder.  We continued walking down to my bedroom…

He bent me over the edge of the bed, propped one of my knees on the bed as well and said, “Don’t move.”  Mmmmm, I still get tingly when I think about him telling me not to move.  Suddenly I hear my vibrator turn on and then I feel it between my legs.

He fucked me hard with my vibrator making me loudly moan.  I grabbed the comforter while saying, “Oh yeah! Yes! Please! Don’t stop! Ooohh yes, baby!!” Mmmm…  He said, “cum for me, let it all out.”  That was my undoing.  I came hard and long.

My guy flipped me over and had me scoot back.  He put just the tip of his cock inside of me.  He gently moved back and forth with just his tip, then he unexpectedly thrust himself deep inside of me.  That was magical!  He did that over and over until he came, shuddering and saying my name…

Fucking hottest sex I’ve had in such a looonng time!!

I could use that more often.  😉