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I haven’t quite decided when I’ll be starting my 100 Healthy Days, but I feel the need to do something that has a specific goal (be healthier) with specific outcomes (healthier habits) in mind.  Maybe I’ll start tomorrow.  Fuck, I should start today.  Okay.  I’ll start today.


I need change.  And I’m not talking about just my eating habits.  But, healthier eating/living is the place I’m starting.  Maybe if I can tackle this area of my life, others will naturally follow.  I mean, healthy food choices could lead to other healthy life choices, right?  I joke a lot about the poor life choices I make, but let’s be honest, those choices are my truth.

So, I use this app where I am able to track my weight, what I put in my mouth eat, and any exercise I might do (unlikely — but I’m supposed to be changing, so I shouldn’t count exercise out).  For food tracking you can scan barcodes, which is super helpful, except for when you scan sour cream and the app thinks you scanned chicken.  But mostly, this is the best feature.  You can also create your own recipes, which is awesome!  For instance, I made this taco casserole thingy and I put all of the ingredients in for the entire casserole and said the food was for 6 servings, so the app figures up what each serving’s nutritional values are.  I would list the recipe here, but it really wasn’t that great — I need to tweak a few things.  The app will tell you how many calories you should consume each day based on your weight loss goals.  And if you exercise, the calories burned will be deducted and you can eat more!  Haha.  Also, get people you know to join and you can be “friends” and keep each other accountable!

I know my lack of enthusiasm may seem directly contradictory to my overall goal, but here’s the thing: nothing. ever. fucking. works.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration.

Really though, throughout my adult life I have tried all the diets (Atkins, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Slim Fast, HCG, etc.) and even have a membership to Planet Fitness.  I bought a fucking bike.  I mean, c’mon.  I can go about 1 mile before I start feeling like I’m dying, 2 miles and I legit have to lay on my living room floor for about 20 minutes in order to breathe properly again.  And my damn doctor wants me to get some stupid lung test thingy done before giving me an inhaler so I don’t die while exercising.  Lame.  (Not really.  I know he cares or whatever.)

Anyway, I’m hoping for change.  Lasting change.  So, I’m gonna do this healthy living bs for 100 days and see how things go.  Hopefully I’ll extend the healthy living to like, forever.  🙂