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So, I started my 100 Healthy Days yesterday because I really shouldn’t put off being “healthy”.  Here are the stats so far:

Start Weight: 233.8 lbs (January 2, 2017)
Day 1’s Weight: 232.6 (January 5, 2017)
Calories:1,533 (68 under budget)

Dinner was my biggest challenge.  Avocados are incredibly yummy, but damn! They’re so high in calories!  Like 227 for one avocado!  So, I sauteed a green pepper and a medium yellow onion in (homemade) taco seasoning, added those to the avocado, added in sour cream and cheese… mmmm!!  Soooo gooood!!

This is a boring blog.

Let’s add something more interesting.

I bought a house in August.  Right now I’m sitting in my reading room.  I’m listening to the radio and blogging from the comfort of my new futon (cause one day I’ll totally have guests).  As I look around I know I need to get stuff done in here — like, I need to paint in here still.  And I need to hang my Hogwarts crest poster and my degrees and license.  I should also get a second bookshelf because my dad is on a decluttering crusade and is determined to get all of my stuff (books) out of their attic.  Also, I need to find a good place to put my bike… it’s just in here, in the reading room, being all kinds of unproductive.  I love my reading room.  🙂


That’s about as good as a picture gets on my chromebook.  Haha.  You get the idea. ❤

Anyway, I think I’m done writing for tonight.  I’ve been writing all freaking week (work).  Time to go browse OKC to see what kind of crazy messages I’ve received today.