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So, I’ve been on OKCupid (OKC) again for about 2 weeks.  Because, you know, I’m perpetually single.  Anyway, there’s this guy on there who keeps asking to come cuddle.  I keep telling him that 1.) we have to first meet in public and 2.) you can’t fool me with that cuddle talk.  Haha.  I like cuddling.  I like not cuddling.  But I also want a relationship that doesn’t start with sex.  I’ve told him several times about not coming over and have suggested meeting for lunch/dinner/coffee… apparently consuming food isn’t okay with him.  So, guess what?  He’s not good enough for me.  Take that, dude.

All that said, I really need laid.  Maybe later today when I hangout with me ex.  Because, you know, life isn’t all about deprivation.  😉