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Good morning!

Starting weight: 233.8
Current weight: 229.0

Today is Day 12 and so far I’ve lost 4.8 pounds.

Below are 2 pictures that show my inconsistent weight loss history…  I first started using this app in February 2014.  My weight has yo-yo-ed long before using this app.  I’m hoping this time around will be different… of course, I always hope that “this time” will be different.

As you can also see from the above pictures, my goal is to get down 160 pounds.  That’s been my goal weight since the first time I got down to 160 back in 2006-ish.  I looked damn good!  So, if I continue my healthy days indefinitely, I should hit my goal weight around mid-September.  I should probably take some body pics of myself so I can see the difference when my motivation hits a wall…  Haha.


Laters, people.  😉