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Starting weight: 233.8
Today’s weight: 225.2

Today is Day 24 of my personal challenge.  I’m feeling pretty good about my progress so far.  In 24 days I’ve lost 8.6 pounds.  That’s not too shabby!  If I focused more on being low-carb I would lose the weight much more quickly, but since I’m taking a different approach, I feel like my weight loss is more natural.  I feel like if I am able to make my current eating choices my daily habit (ex: choosing the steamed broccoli over the loaded mashed potatoes) while also indulging in moderation (ex: an alcoholic beverage or two over the weekend, or those loaded mashed potatoes every once in a while) then maintaining my weight down the line will be more likely.

I think I’ll gain a little on Saturday, but so long as I eat really well on Sunday I’ll be just fine.  I have a birthday dinner to attend at my favorite Mexican restaurant…  I’m thinking of fajitas.  I ❤ fajitas.

Other things: I need to go shopping for condoms.  Victor (aka Friday) has been coming over a lot recently.  He came over around 10pm last night.  That was definitely past my bedtime.  Haha.  I was sleepy this morning but also slightly sore most of the day.  I love being sore the next day.  The constant reminder of the hot sex I had the night before keeps me in good spirits, especially on tough days at work.


Stay classy, people.

P.S. I took this Buzzfeed quiz today called “Plan Your Wedding and We’ll Tell You How You’ll Meet Your Soulmate” or something like that.  My result: On Tinder!  My response: #Likely.