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Friday, 1/27/17
Victor came over.  We used my last condom.  We now have the following routine:

  1. I leave the front door unlocked.
  2. I am upstairs in bed reading (or whatever) when he arrives.  I’m naked.
  3. He gets naked and joins me.
  4. We make-out for a few minutes while he gropes me and I get him hard.
  5. We have sex doggy style.
  6. He gets dressed while we chat a little.
  7. He leaves.
  8. I go to sleep.

Friday was typical.

Saturday, 1/28/17
I went to my sister’s house to visit my new nephew (the cutest of the kiddos she has so far — okay, not really.  I mean, they’re all cute.  But the older 3 are kinda obnoxious.  I hope this kiddo turns out differently. #TerribleAuntMoment).  I spent THREE hours there and was ready to explode with energy and exhaustion (does that even make sense?) by the time I left.  I also had a dinner party to get ready for.  On my way home I dropped by Wal-Mart to restock my stash.  I stood in front of the condom section texting Victor about his preference because I really don’t have a preference.  He requested ribbed.  I got a 36-count variety pack.  Don’t judge.  Safety first and I like lots of sex.

So, I went to the Mexican restaurant and ate too much food (considering my 100 Healthy Days).  And I invited Victor over.  Same routine as Friday.

Sunday, 1/29/17
I skipped church.  I meal prepped a bit.  I binge watched TLC.  Caleb (finally figured out what to name him) invited me to join him at the gym.  So, we met around 7pm at the local Planet Fitness and spent about 35 minutes on the elliptical.  Oh my gosh.  I did about 3 miles in that amount of time.  My legs were feeling the burn!!  We sat at a table and chatted about life stuff for a bit then went grocery shopping together.  Haha.  As soon as we got in our respective cars I sent a text to Caleb: “you can always come over to my place if you want.  I’m sure the reason that you wanted to sit in Planet Fitness and talk was so you wouldn’t end up at my house.  Lol”.  Because you know, I’m trying to avoid having sex with the man…  Smh.  He called me about 20 minutes later, when he FINALLY looked at his damn phone and asked why I didn’t just say that in front of him.  Basically, because anxiety.  He asked if he had come over if we could’ve fucked in the shower.  Um, definitely.  Yes.  100%, absolutely.  Damn it!!  He ended up not coming over since I was already showered and he had just gotten home… but he was definitely “thinking” of me later.  😉

So, I invited Victor over to release the tension.  Best sex we’ve had together to date.  I was in a mood.  There was no foreplay.  I was ready to roll, as was he.  I may have sent him a teaser picture.  Lol.  He was stripping on his way up the stairs.  I asked him how he wanted me.  Doggy style, but with my knees literally on the edge of the bed.  We used a warming condom… I think the lubricant made him last longer than usual. <– Yes!!  He stood behind me with his hands firmly on my hips pulling my ass into him as he thrust into me.  I came hard after about 5 minutes (with assistance from my fingers) and enjoyed myself for another 5 minutes as he continued to pound my pussy.  (Let’s be real — sex rarely lasts longer than that.)  So good.

Monday, 1/30/17
I worked late so I could finish up some last minute paperwork.  Caleb asked if I wanted to hit the gym again.  I agreed.  I met up with him and we walked the treadmill for about 40 minutes (2 miles for me because I don’t run).  We sat and talked afterward again.  We were chatting about dinner plans and he said, “I have chicken marinating at home.  I could cook it up for both of us.”  I’m all, “Let’s go!”  So, we get to his place, we both work on dinner, and we talk while eating.  We talked more after eating… Caleb was sitting back in his chair with his legs wide open… the bulge of his cock was easy to make out in the gym shorts he was wearing.  I kept glancing down.  I just can’t help myself!!  We stood up finally.  He asked me if there was anything else I wanted to do.  I looked at him, grinned, and wrapped my arms around him.  I hugged him tightly and then pulled just slightly back because I needed to feel his lips on mine.

There was no stopping at that point.  My bra was undone, my hands were down his pants (after fighting with the damn things since the string was tied)… he pulled on my ponytail to make me face further up.  He kissed my neck and breathed into my ear…

We went upstairs.  We were disrobed before the bedroom was in sight.  I laid horizontally on the bed.  He got on top of me.  We could not stop kissing.

He asked if I was planning on leaving after dinner.  I said, “I would have if you wanted me to.”

Him: Is that what you wanted?
Me: No.
Him: So why would you leave?
Me: I don’t want to push you away.
Him: What if I’m not done with you?
Me: (In my head – What does that even mean?!)

We were a tangled mess of limbs.  The kissing never stopped.  The intensity and intimacy threw me over the edge.  He felt absolutely perfect inside of me, on top of me.

I really, really wanted to say “I love you.” Because truth.  And my anxiety, my self-doubt, my view of unworthiness to be with such a wholehearted man as Caleb… all of these things crashed through my mind and kept the words safe.

The moans and kissing and touching and entanglement continued on and on… I finally arched up as my orgasm overtook me and he held me close.  And then he also came.

He asked me to stay the night.  I obliged.

Tuesday, 1/31/17
Caleb and I had early morning sex.  (What a boring story for Tuesday.)

That concludes my 5 Days of Sex tale.  😉

Stay classy, people.