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Good morning!

Starting Weight: 233.8
Today’s Weight: 223.8

I had a rough week in the weight loss department.  Last Saturday I weighed in at 224.4 pounds.  That evening I went out for Mexican and gave zero fucks as to what I ate.  The next morning I was at 226.0.  I was thinking, no big deal.  That will come off within a couple of days.  NOPE!  Yesterday I was FINALLY back to the 224.4 weight — nearly a full week of super healthy food choices and exercising later.  This morning when I broke into the 223 range I did a little happy dance.  🙂

Here’s a visual:


The 4.2 lbs gained is there because the very first time I used this app I weighed 219.6.  That was in 2014.  I’m so, so close to being under 220 again!  I have a doctor’s appointment next week and I’m hoping to wow my doctor with the weight loss since my last appointment which was in October (I was in the upper 230s).

On Thursday morning I was at 225.2 and I really wanted to throw in the towel.  I was so fed up with the damn scale not going in the correct direction.  The previous day I had made good food choices, and in hindsight I think I may not have had enough water.  Instead of going to McD’s for breakfast like I really wanted, I drank the vanilla shake I had and made a large salad with grilled chicken for lunch.  I ended up getting to work at 9AM, but considering my state of mind, being “late” was totally worth taking charge of my own positive self-care.

So, 10 pounds down in 33 days.  I was hoping for more like 12, but hey, the overall picture is still good.  In two days I will have been doing this for 5 weeks.  Right now I’m averaging just over 2 pounds per week.  I’m hoping that will more fucks given at Mexican restaurants that the trend will continue.

Speaking of Mexican, I will be making shrimp fajitas today.  I just recently discovered that I like shrimp.  I’m so excited!

Anyway.  I think I’m done for now.  I’ve had my breakfast.  I need to switch clothes to the dryer, and that pile of clean clothes on my bed needs to get hung up… Ugh.  Laundry.

Laters people.