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Starting Weight: 233.8
Today’s Weight: 222.0

Here are two pleasant surprises that I would like to share:

  1. On Saturday (maybe Friday) I was browsing through my blogs trying to figure out which day I really am on in my 100 Healthy Day challenge.  I discovered that I truly started my 100 Healthy Days on January 5th though I am counting January 2nd as my starting weight since that was when I started tracking my weight.  That means today is day 33, not 36 like I thought today would have been before I discovered my count was off.  Therefore, in 33 days I have lost 11.8 pounds.  In two day’s (days, day’s, or days’?) days’ time I will have been doing this challenge for 5 weeks and I’ll get a good picture of how much I’m losing per week.

    WAIT!!  None of that even makes sense!!  Okay, if I am counting Jan. 2nd as my start weight then this is day 36.  If I am counting Jan. 5th as my 100 Healthy Days start date, then my starting weight is 232.6, which means I am down 10.6 pounds.  We’ll keep with the 233.8 start weight which then means that today is day 36.  Goodness.

    Well… okay, so can I say that my start weight is 233.8 and that I didn’t actually start the whole challenge thing until Jan. 5th?  Can I have both?  I think I can.  So today is day 33 of my challenge.  Since the challenge started I have lost 10.6 pounds, but since I started tracking I’ve lost 11.8 pounds.

    Have I ever told you that I’m a social worker?  Social workers don’t math.  😉

  2. I’m 222.0 pounds today!!  Saturday morning I weighed in at 223.8 (nearly 2 whole pounds down over the weekend!!).  I did not have the opportunity to weigh myself yesterday morning because I had a sleepover at Caleb’s.  By the time I got home I had been up for several hours and I’d had breakfast and weighing yourself after being awake for several hours and after having had breakfast is just no bueno.  Best time to weigh in: first thing in the morning, preferably after you’ve peed and pooped.

I had all the plans to go to the gym after work today.  However, yesterday I was clumsy and strained (possibly sprained, but doubtful) my right ankle.  You see, what happened was, I had been sitting on the couch, with my right foot under my left leg.  My foot fell asleep.  I decided to walk the tingles off, which has helped in the past.  I stood up and took a step, but I didn’t really step at all.  Instead, my foot rolled and I felt as if I had stood on my foot with my ankle.  I had to sit for a long time before being able to move.  My ankle was swollen all afternoon/evening.  I almost had Caleb take me to urgent care.  After elevating my foot the rest of the day, lots and lots of ice, and an Epsom salt bath, my ankle is doing better this morning.  I still don’t think tackling the elliptical would be in my body’s best interest today.

Random thought that disrupted my line of thinking: If I’m brave enough, maybe I’ll post pictures this coming Sunday.

Anyway.  I hope you lovelies have a wonderful day.  🙂