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Well, today hasn’t been completely unhealthy.  I had a meal replacement shake for breakfast; and, egg salad, cucumber slices, black olives, and a string cheese stick for lunch.  Then, the agency I work for, had an appreciation type dinner for people involved with a specific program.  The dinner itself wasn’t unhealthy per se.  But that cheese cake with berry drizzle after?  That may have been an unhealthy choice…

Here are my thoughts: I deserved that damn cheesecake!  The work I do as a social worker in child welfare is incredibly demanding and draining.  (Tooting my own horn a bit.)  Rarely do workers and foster parents receive any kind of acknowledgement of the hard work that goes into our jobs.  For social work month I got a star shaped bowl filled with Easter grass and candy.  On top was a note that read “You’re a star!”  Like wft?!  That’s what the agency provides to the social workers who work long hours and have so much emotional baggage and secondhand trauma that we should all be required to see a therapist at least once a month?!  Candy.  Because I’m not already fat.  In a star shaped dish that will do what when the candy is gone??  (I turned my into a planter which is much prettier and useful — I killed the plant already.)  The other thing about the candy is that there is such a huge push from the agency to “be healthy” and all they fucking do is shove donuts, bagels, candy, pizza, and other sugar laden/carb loaded foods down our throats when they do provide us with something to eat (at the agency, not fancy schmancy restaurants.  And I can fucking guarantee you that the only reason we went to that place was because our resource families were being recognized and thanked as well.  Had the group been made up of only agency workers, we would’ve likely had Chick-fil-A or something like that… maybe Little Caesar’s.

So yeah.  I ate the cheesecake.  Who the fuck cares?  Not me.  And that is all that matters.

I’ll be 105% shocked if the scale is not up tomorrow.  <– still don’t care.

Anyway, Victor is here.

Ttyl people.