I feel a little less like death today.

When I woke up yesterday I could hardly do anything because of how much I was shivering.  My fever finally broke sometime last night.  Hopefully the fever doesn’t return.

This morning I was able to weigh myself.

Starting Weight: 233.8
Today’s Weight (Day 41): 218.2

The last time I weighed myself (Thursday morning) I was 220.6.  I even told the nurse at urgent care the exact number when he asked for my “approximate” weight.

I didn’t eat nearly as much as I should have over the last two days…

The good news is that I am finally on the downside of my weight loss.  Haha.  My weight was previously shown in red because I was a bad girl and had gained a bunch of weight.  Now that I’m under my starting weight from the first time I used this app, I’m in the green.  🙂


I need a nap.  Or something.  I definitely need water.  My antibiotic dries me out so bad.

Oh!  I asked Victor how he was feeling since he came over a few days before I got sick.  He said he’s also sick.  I was all, “now I know where I got this from.”  He was like, “yeah, me too.”  Smh.  Who knows who gave the grossness to who.  Doesn’t really matter.