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Starting Weight: 233.8 pounds
Today’s Weight: 204.2 pounds
Total Lost: 29.6 pounds

I’ve stalled.  At least, from Tuesday through Friday I was 204.4 each morning.  I ate correctly, I may not have had quite enough water, and I did exercise.  And still I stalled.  Until this morning.  Last night I decided to take one for the team, if you will.  I ate chicken nuggets (15 of them!) and two string cheese sticks for dinner.  That’s a ton of food considering how much “good stuff” I’ve been consuming these last 89 days.  I figured if I ate a shitty meal, this morning I’d be up a pound and then I’d eat super healthy the remaining days of my personal challenge thus tricking my body into losing more weight.

Well that backfired.

I’m not disappointed though.  I mean, I lost .2 pounds overnight.  I certainly did not expect this as I did eat all of those nuggets of chicken-y goodness with plenty of ketchup followed by string cheese.  Such an amazing dinner!  I should’ve ordered pizza.  Do you know how long I have gone without my beloved pizza?!  Oh my goodness!  I’ve literally not had pizza since last year.  Totally lame.

So I decided the rest of my plan (eating the healthy way for the remainder of my 100 Healthy Days challenge) is sound.  This morning I had a 3-egg omelet with mushrooms, red onion, and Mexican cheese.  So good.  And for lunch I drank a meal replacement shake because laziness had set in.

I have 11 more days, people.  11 days and I’m done with my challenge!  The official challenge anyway…  I am definitely going to continue.  I’m hoping by the end of the 100 Healthy Days that I will once again be in one-der-land though my real timeline for being under 200 pounds is May 18th – the beginning of my first vacation in ages!!

Btw, I’m in my local public library.  I  ❤  the library so much.  🙂

I should get back to reading…  or browsing for stuff I need/want for vacation.

Stay classy, readers.

P.S. Maybe I’ll have the courage to post pictures on Day 100.  You must not leave any negative feedback or comment on my scant attire.  K, thanks.  Bye.