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Having sex with the man you love is the absolute best.  If only he loved me the way I love me…

Here’s the story:

On March 7th Caleb and I had “the talk” about where the relationship was going, if anywhere.  We have dated, not officially, for about a year.  We had a talk last July and this one did not veer off course much from the last one.

On March 7th I sat on Caleb’s couch blabbering about all of my thoughts about how great we are and how incredible we would be together in a relationship and the many reasons my heart belongs to him.  As soon as he started to respond I knew he was not on the same page.  He explained his own feelings very thoroughly and was very honest.  My heart broke; however, Caleb’s openness affirmed to me that he really wants what is best for me and does care for me.

So last night, April 7th, one month after the talk, I went to Caleb’s house for the first time since that talk.  I’ve seen him several times at the gym…  Anyway, I showed up in this blue dress that is his absolute favorite on me.  He pulled me onto his lap saying his lap was the best seat in the house.  He brought me a drink and pulled me back onto his lap.  Caleb reached around and started rubbing my clit.  Oh my gosh.  So hot!  He pulled me to lean back on him so he could kiss my neck and nibble on my ear and asked me, “how badly does your pussy want my dick?”  I eventually came all over his hand.  He then undressed, sat back down, and had me bouncing on his dick with his hands up my dress, on my hips, with my thong pushed to the side.

This man!  We cannot help ourselves when we’re together.

My heart hasn’t felt heavy today which is nice.  I know that ultimately nothing has changed or will change.  Not fooling myself is easier when we know where we stand.

Becoming completely wasted last night was definitely not good for my health.  I’m not stepping on the scale until at least Monday.  Haha.