I wrote a letter to Caleb.  The words went something like this (the letter is sealed and in the mailbox):

Pt. 1 (on the notebook paper)
Dear Caleb,
I’m writing this letter because you know how I am with my words when conversations are difficult.
I thought that we could have sex and that I’d be fine.  Apparently not.  I was fooling myself.
I need space.  All of the space.  No gym, no phone calls, no texting.  Maybe with this space I’ll begin to heal.  I need to.
You have become one of my very best friends.  I’m not sure how I’ll do this initially.  I hope you’re okay.  I’ll eventually be fine.  I always am.
❤ Gizah

Pt. 2 (inside of a pretty stationary card on the bottom half)
Read the paper first…

…now that the paper is read…

Please don’t unfriend me.  Don’t avoid me  if you see me in public.

Pt.3 (inside the pretty stationary card on the top half)
I should’ve thought this letter through better than I did.  Thank you for offering to help me get pick up those beds.  I will figure out how to get bring them home.  Let me know when you receive this.  Or don’t.  I suppose I’ll know if you don’t call/text me anymore.
Bye for now.

Caleb has this thing about the word “get”.  He doesn’t like the word.  Feels “get” is a completely useless word to use.  So, whenever I text him I always proofread to ensure I don’t use the taboo word.

He should have the letter by Tuesday I’m guessing.  Wednesday at the latest.

I miss him so much already.  This sucks.