Starting weight: 233.8
Ending weight: 203.8
TOTAL LOST: 30 pounds

Okay people, on Tuesday I went to this event that I talked about and I ate a shit-ton of fruit and caesar salad because that was really all I could eat.  I weighed in at 205 pounds yesterday.  I decided that this morning’s weight (203.8) would be my last actual weigh-in since I had all day yesterday as day 100 to be “healthy”.  Which I was.  🙂

I am completely satisfied with my results from my personal challenge.

The next step is to step up my game a bit more.  My goal is to hit the gym more frequently even if that means I must go alone.  I would rather have a gym buddy…  Oh well.  My gym buddy (Caleb) and I have a bad habit of ending up in bed…

So yeah, I’d like to get to the gym more frequently to help avoid swinging arm fat and the like.  And I’m continuing my healthy-ish new eating habits.  🙂

Thank you for being a part of this challenge with me!!  :-*