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I have a friend named Laci.  I’m sure I’ve spoken of her before…  Anyway, she has had very limited communication with me over the last month and I must say, I miss her dearly.  I still have her on my speed dial and see her name quite a bit.  The pangs of sadness hit me from time-to-time wondering how she’s doing (because I know she’s going through a tough time and I want to be supportive)… there’s some jealousy since I know she reconnected with a friend from her past and they spend a lot of time together.

If I could talk with Laci I’d tell her about how I have a never-ending circle with Caleb and how I have this surgery coming up that I’m nervous about and the really bad date I had on Easter Sunday and how I left a dead spider in my living room for nearly a week because I could not physically make myself move the thing without being scared that it would somehow spring back to life and attack me (for reals, yo)… and other things.

So, Laci, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re well.  I know you’re not quite well.  I do hope that you are finding peace and happiness in different parts of your life.