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So.  I was having a conversation yesterday on OKStupid with this guy who named himself “Elvenking12”.  Here’s a screenshot of the last bit of that conversation:

Okc Elvenking

He was promptly blocked with no chance to respond.  Ha!  I don’t understand…  Smh.

This morning I was 199.8!!  I’m down a total of 34 pounds from January 2nd!  As you can see from this screenshot, I have not been tracking very well…


I only log my weight when I weigh less than I had the previous time I logged my weight.  🙂  Now, I have a sneaking suspicion that my dip into one-derland has a lot to do with the fact that I ate very little yesterday and had so, so much fluid.  Today I’ve eaten fairly normally and I’ve pooped a lot.  I didn’t have any kind of bowel movement yesterday at all.  Today I think I’ve gone like 4 times and the day is not over yet.  Gotta love surgery.  :-p  So, I have no idea what to expect of tomorrow.