Weight Loss Journey: I am down to 195.6 as of this morning.  That’s a total of 38.2 pounds down from January 2nd.  The weight loss has been slow going for awhile since I’ve allowed myself to become more lax with my weekend food choices.  However, I am still losing weight overall.  🙂  I’ve started exercising more.  My body hates me.  Haha.  My legs are screaming at me anyway.

Caleb: Oftentimes, I spend the night with Caleb and have amazing sex with him.  Our last sexcapade included my new restraints, a scarf, a vibrator, and two very horny people.  😉  My restraints held up this time — the last set I had were given to me by a friend who stated he never used them.  They broke (apparently my orgasm was too much for the straps to handle).  Anyway, my current set is fantastic and held up beautifully.  My scarf was initially/mostly used as a blindfold.  The vibrator was used on my vagina and a bit on my nipples.  Caleb (horny person #2 — because, let’s face it, I’m always the most horny of them all and am therefore horny person #1) sucked, rubbed, pulled, and licked my nipples nearly raw.  The sensational feelings that all of his touching and caressing and spanking and choking and massaging and kissing produced sent me spiraling when my orgasm hit me.

Future Plans: I have a thing planned that I’m not quite ready to share.  I’m in full planning mode still and need more time to sort out my thoughts/feelings/goals.  I’m sure I’ll share by mid-July.  Maybe.